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Digital Marketing Lancaster PA – it is as critical as in any other town or city.

As a small business owner, you know how competitive the marketplace is. Not only do you need to run your business from day to day, but also try to stay ahead of your competition.

Chances are that you are not a marketer, or even have the desire to be one. After all, you are in business to do what it is you do. You want to serve your customer base the best you can.

This is where digital marketing can help. You don’t have to be from Lancaster, PA or surrounding areas like Ephrata to appreciate this type of service. But smaller communities still need a local business strategy as much as the larger cities. Every neighborhood has its own level of competition.


How do People See Your Business Right Now?


Google Search

Google Search


If I’m looking for a particular service – especially one that I normally don’t use – I will simply google that service and for my area. It’s what many people do. What differs among people is how or what they google with to find what they need.

When was the last time you did this for your business?  And when you did do it, did you try different searches? In any case, try it now. Use a few different searches. For example, if you are a dentist in Lancaster, PA, try searching: “dentists Lancaster PA” or “teeth whitening Lancaster PA.”  If you live in surrounding towns such as Ephrata, replace your town for Lancaster (in addition to Lancaster).

Where do you place after that search?  Are you on the top of the first page or on the second or third page? Do you place well on every search, or just one or two searches?

When you put yourself in your typical customer’s (or patient’s) shoes, how likely are you to visit your website as opposed to your competition’s website?


What You Should Be Doing Now


Social Media


There are a few things you should already have in place and be doing in order to be more visible.

First, do you have a website? Even a basic website will act like a business card, which is better than nothing. Better yet, it should say a little bit about who you are and what your services are and what they do. Where are you located, and how do people get in touch?

When people do go on your website, how is their experience? Do the pages load quickly? Is it easy for the visitor to navigate? Is there anything compelling on your site that makes visitors want to stay on your site – or even better, want to get in touch with you?

Like in the previous section, go into your website as a typical visitor (try to be as unbiased as possible). If you were looking for the service you are offering, how do you feel when you are on the site?

The website should also be mobile friendly since more and more people use their phones. Also, keep the website up to date as outdated information can be a turnoff.

The bottom line with regards to the website is; how well does it convert the visitor into a lead or customer?

Another consideration is getting in front of where your people hangout online. Chances are, your target base is on social media, so you may want to have a presence there. Try to present content on some regular basis.

As far as the actual content goes, try to include content that actually helps or speaks to the needs of your target audience. It helps build your authority as well as helps build your target’s confidence in you.


A Strategy to Dominate


Marketing Strategy


Ranking well on the first page of a search is great, but you can do even better! What if you could get on the first page more than once?

The way to accomplish that is through heavy media coverage that all points back to you and your message. Over time, you would dominate more and more of the searches. Eventually, you could be the number one choice in town for what you offer.

This is not to dismiss SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). This can be part of your strategy, but media coverage offers exposure that can intensify your efforts and accelerate the process.

To achieve this effectively, you want to create content in multiple formats (news, blog posts, video, etc…) and then get it published in as many media outlets as possible. Not only does each published occurrence point back to your website/message, but Google also loves the attention you are drawing.


What to Do Now


If this strategy to dominate is something you and/or your team can do, the next step is to gather as many media sources as possible. Then decide on which part of your business you want to focus on as well as any specific locations. Repeat this process for each element of your business along with varying locations. A monthly campaign is good. More than monthly simply accelerates the process.

For the local business that lacks the time and/or expertise for this effective strategy, I offer a media exposure service. The service I offer gets my clients published on more than 400 high-authority media websites. The end result is more exposure that brings more traffic that ultimately leads to more sales.

For more information, check out the Media Services Page here.